Is your computer running slow?
Are you getting Windows registry errors?
Your computer keep crashing and freezing?

Corruption in your registry
is the most common causes

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The table below is side by side comparison of top Registry Cleaners in market. The RegCure is our number one pick in our registry cleaners reviews. It is most popular and effective registry cleaner. All of the following registry cleaners software provide Money Back Guarantee and FREE SCAN and SAFE to use. (Click here for more computer cleanup tips to cleanup your computer)

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2009 Registry Cleaner Reviews Comparison Chart

Registry cleaners

Easy to use
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Registry Easy

Very Good

Registry Fix



Registry Smart


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Reviews of Registry Cleaners Software
Registry Cleaner Reviews-Regcure Review

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RegCure: 9.8/10

Features starstarstarstarstar
Easy to use starstarstarstarstar
Effectiveness starstarstarstarstar
Support starstarstarstar

Our Top Choice in our reviewed registry cleaners-
RegCure is extremely simple and easy to use Windows registry cleaner. This registry cleaning software is able to clean and fix registry errors safely and completely. It is good for non technical people.

Reg cure is not expensive and free to try. Regcure provides very good package price. If you buy PowerPack 5, you can get Regcure for free.

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Key Features

  • Windows Registry Back Up and Restore
  • Automatic Repair and 1 Click Feature
  • Start up Management
  • Built in scheduler
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Support

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Registry Cleaning Software Picture

Registry Easy: 9.6/10

Features starstarstarstarstar
Easy to use starstarstarstarstar
Effectiveness starstarstarstar
Support starstarstarstar

Registry Easy is among the most popular registry cleaners. Registry Easy is easy to use and works overtime to scan and clean the computer registry.

Registry Easy is rich features registry cleaner. It is able to repair the registry damaged entries, fix registry errors and speed up your PC easily. It is good choice for your computer cleanup.

Key Features

  • Registry Back Up /Restore
  • Automatic/manual removal
  • Evidence Cleaner
  • System Optimizer
  • Deep Scan
  • Email Support
  • 1-Click Maintenance
  • File Recoveryer

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Registry Fix image

Registry Fix: 9.3/10

Features starstarstarstar
Easy to use starstarstarstarstar
Effectiveness starstarstarstar
Support starstarstarstar

Registry Fix has good features with deep and custom scan. It's useful "Mangers" are able to guild you to clean Windows registry easily. Registry Fix could fix the critical registry errors in your PC

Registry Fix will check registry errors at startup and has more than 10 million customers.

Key Features

  • Registry Back Up/Restore
  • Startup Manager
  • Scan PC at Start Up
  • Ignore Lists
  • Online Chat and Email Support

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Registry Cleaners Picture

Registry Smart: 9.0/10

Features starstarstar
Easy to use starstarstarstarstar
Effectiveness starstarstarstar
Support starstarstar

Another Registry Cleaner, Registry Smart
has a good user interface and easy to use specially for the people without technical background.

Although Registry Smart is not feature rich registry cleaner. It will fix lot of Windows registry errors in your computer.

Key Features

  • Windows Registry Back Up /Restore
  • 1 Click Scan
  • Start Up Manager
  • Email and Online Chat Support

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Bonus Review for Spyware/Adware Removal Software

spyware xoftspyse imageXoftSpySE: 9.8/10

Features starstarstarstarstar
Easy to use starstarstarstarstar
Effectiveness starstarstarstarstar
Support starstarstarstar

Spyware and Adware Removal software, XoftSpySE
, While you do computer clean up, you also need to remove the major cause of registry issues, Spyware and Adware.

XoftSpySE is most popular Spyware and Adware removal software. It is very easy to use.

It is able to get rid of Spyware and Adware in your computer. If you buy Regcure(registry cleaner) and XoftSpySE together, you will get very good package price. (If you buy PowerPack 5, you can get 5 software

Key Features

  • Get Rid of Spyware/Adware
  • Stop the Pop Ups
  • Destroy Hijackers
  • Help Prevent Identity Theft

Read More for XoftSpySE

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Use Registry Cleaner To Fix Registry&Restore PC With A Few Clicks
Best Registry Cleaner Reviews

Why do you need registry cleaner? After regular time of use (download, install and uninstall software), the Windows registry is getting bigger and clustered (decrease computer performance). Some registry entries are damaged (lead to computer errors). So you need to fix the damaged and clustered registry to make your computer work like new again.

What is Windows Registry?

It is Windows computer database to store hardware and software configuration information. It is like a dynamic map to navigate computer's activity. It is very important for your computer performance and activities.

When do you need registry repair software (registry cleaners) to fix Windows registry?

If your computer encounters one or more the following issues, it is time to use registry cleaners to fix registry to get rid off errors and restore your computer performance. (Anti-virus program can not fix these issues)

System Crashes
Blue Screen Errors
Computer freezes
Extreme Sluggishness
Slow Start-ups/Shutdowns
Unexpected Pop Ups
Reboot Screen Errors

Software Crashes
Driver Errors
DLL Errors
Corrupted Registry Entries
Run Time Errors

Computer Clean Up Tips: To make your computer work like new with a few clicks
Best Computer Cleanup Tips

Computer Cleanup Tip 1: Decision to make if you need registry cleaner. If your computer is running abnormally slow or has unexpected error pop up windows, freeze issues, blue screen, unwanted pop ups, slow start up and system crashes after a period of use. It is time to try registry cleaner.

Computer Cleanup Tip 2: You can use our number pick- RegCure FREE SCAN your computer first to see if there are errors in your computer's registry, then make right decision.

If you only need a few clicks to get your PC speed back without risk to damage your PC and loose your money(if it does not work, you can get refund). Do you want to click here to try?

Computer Clean up Tip 3: Always backup your important data and create restore point before using any registry cleaners

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